PubFuture Review 2023: My Journey to Success

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I recently had a chance to cooperate with PubFuture Ad Network, and it is a great experience when my revenue has been increased up to 150 percent. I tried Google Adsense before but they did not really meet my expectation of monetizing. In this PubFuture review, I’ll show you how an ad network can return me a significant change in revenue with minimum effort on my part. Let’s get started with a brief overview of PubFuture.

What is Pubfuture?

I heard about PubFuture several years ago but did not want to try it because I was afraid of change. However, at the beginning of this year 2023 the ads on my site have not been optimized by my current partners, Google Adsense, whereas I believe that I can earn more from my traffic on sites. PubFuture immediately came into my mind due to the positive feedback from my friend who have been working with Pubfuture for over 3 years. This is a reliable source, so I opted to try Pubfuture first, rather than the others. Fortunately, they have been demonstrating that I made the correct decision. Pubfuture is a programmatic ad network connecting advertisers with publishers. With over 10 years of experience, they concentrate on delivering the most engaged solutions to publishers based on the foundation of AdExchange, Header Bidding, Open Bidding, and Private deals. Honestly, they almost solve the limitation of Google Adsense in monetizing and guarantee high-performing advertising. 

The reason that they can boost your revenue is the diversity of ad types. Along with IAB standard banner ads, Pubfure also supports Native Ads, Video Ads, App Ads, Sticky Ads, and Radio Ads (few ad networks can do this). I’ll give more details about these types of ads in the following parts.

How to Start with Pubfuture Ad Network?

Basically, it is simple to join this ad network as long as you meet these requirements:

  • Minimum of 100,000 pageviews/month
  • Add Ads.txt lines they provide to your site’s ads.txt file then contact the support team to get quick help.

Furthermore, you do not need to have an active Adsense account to get started. PubFuture team will investigate your site for approval and supply the appropriate demand.

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So you can follow along – or if you wanna jump right in and see what PubFuture is all about for yourself – go ahead and hit the Sign up button on the top navigation bar of the website.

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Pubfuture Ad Formats 

PubFuture is an advanced ad network that provides multiple ad formats for its clients. This is advantageous for advertisers as it allows them to test different formats for their promotions.

It is likewise helpful for publishers as they have a lot of options for ads to display, thereby increasing their earning potential.

Here’s a list of ads available in PubFuture:

Display banner Ad

This is a classic ad type of advertising and I found that they’re having a lot of demand for this ad type with 100% fill rate. PubFuture banner ads have been proven to perform well on my sites. You can give it a try to see how it works with your traffic.

Sticky Ad

Sticky ads are also called anchor ads since it’s anchored to the screen. They are available on both desktop and mobile devices. Sticky ads can be great at increasing viewability and often resulting in higher yield, therefore, some publishers claim to earn the bulk of their revenue from sticky ads.

Not all ad networks offer Sticky Ads, so you can consider its benefits to decide whether you should make it a part of your ad monetization plan or not.

Interstitial Ad

Interstitials are essentially full-screen ads that can be displayed on desktop or mobile web, or in-app. Normally, they appear at transition points (such as navigating away from a page or after pausing a game) to minimize intrusiveness.

Let’s take a look at why this ad format is so popular among publishers.

  • High Viewability and User Engagement
  • High CPM Rates
  • High Click-Through Rates

Native Ad

PubFuture’s native ads are the ideal solution to capture audience attention without being intrusive. They are often placed at the website’s footer, where they perfectly imitate the site’s content.

According to recent research, native ads receive 53% more views than their traditional counterparts. Why? Because they’re more seamlessly integrated into the customer experience. They blend into the content that surrounds them instead of jumping out at readers and saying, This is an ad! Look at me!

Video Ad

The most popular video ad types that PubFuture is doing well are Out-streaming, in-streaming ads, and in-content floating ads. PubFuture owns a variety of demand for these kinds of video advertising with better engagement rates resulting in higher revenue.

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Radio/Audio Ad

Radio Ad is one of the unique features of PubFuture among the other ad networks. From a brand-building perspective, adding on-demand audio services into the mix can help extend campaign reach, especially amongst younger audiences. For publishers, the radio ad will not occupy lots of space on websites meanwhile it still guarantees to bring higher income. This is the special ad format that makes PubFuture to be outstanding and worth to be considered.

App Ads

In-app advertising provides a better consumer experience than display advertising on the mobile web. Ads on the mobile web are often compressed and unappealing to smartphone users. In-app ads are scaled to fit the screen and look better, thereby improving overall engagement. With a multiformat of app ads such as Interstitial ads, Rewarded ads, Banner Ads, and App Open Ads, PubFuture promises to provide revenue growth for publishers.  

Each Ad Format has its own advantages, and you can choose which one is best for your website. As someone who has evaluated numerous ad formats from PubFuture, I highly recommend Video Ads and Sticky Ads. These two sorts of ads show magnificent performance and account for 70% of my ad earnings

Advertising-Based Revenue Model

Pubfuture pays for every 1,000 impressions (called CPM) their ads receive regardless of whether users click on it. This revenue model does not require a specific action from users, therefore, CPM is preferable by publishers as with this online advertising model, they don’t risk anything; ad revenue is counted after each ad serving.

Pubfuture Payment Method

You can select from any of the multiple payment methods that PubFuture offers. This includes:

  • PayPal: Minimum threshold – $50
  • Payoneer: Minimum threshold – $50
  • Bank Transfer: Minimum threshold – $1000
  • Bitcoin: Minimum threshold – $500

Net-15 term is my favorable policy from PubFuture. Rather than waiting 30-60 days, the publisher will be paid in full 15 days after receiving the invoice. Also, the revenue will be sent 100% without any delay or deduction. With other partners, I may receive a deduction at the end of the month that significantly reduces my earnings. The following is the actual revenue that PubFuture paid me.

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The Reason Why I Choose PubFuture?

  • Higher Revenue: Obviously, increasing revenue is one of the top goals of publishers when they consider placing ads on sites/apps. PubFuture is doing its job well to offer me higher ad yield. Although Pubfuture may require some time to gather data, analyze, and optimize it, the wait will be worthwhile because the revenue will grow and remain sustainable after 1 and 3 weeks, then increase month after month. You can use my screenshots as references.
  • 100% Fill-Rate: Most advertisers prefer getting traffic from top Geos including US, UK, CA, AU. Besides these tier 1 traffic, Pubfutre can provide lots of demand for Europe and Latin countries such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, India, Portugal, France, etc. As committed, Pubfuture offers 100% fill-rate ensuring that I can get maximum income from all the ads requested from my ad server.
  • Ads are in control: You can block ads you don’t like, customize where they appear, and choose the types of ads that best suit your site. Bring great user experience
  • Great Customer Service: Whenever you need help, the support team will be there to get back to you shortly via email, Skype, Telegram, etc. This is a factor being highly evaluated during my working time with Pubfuture.

The above advantages have kept me with Pubfuture up to this point, but they do have certain drawbacks that should be mentioned: 

  • It often takes 5-10 days for site approval
  • Ads.txt is regularly updated because of changing demand to optimize. My suggestion is using their Dynamic Ads.txt

In conclusion, there are a lot of ad networks out there, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. As a publisher, we hope this will guide you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing an Ad Network to monetize your traffic.

If you are happy with your current Ad Network or have had any working experience with PubFuture, please I will be happy to hear your story.

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