7 Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers: 2022

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Content locking is a great way to get more money for good, high-quality content with special ad networks. The concept of content locking is such that you can manipulate the user into doing the action so that they can look at the premium content on the web page. The content must be rewarding enough to compel the user or visitor to finish the proposal.

Content locking is a great way for people to make money. It is used by websites and apps to lock content that people cannot see until they finish some action, like installing an app or taking a survey. It is an excellent way for websites and apps with lots of traffic to make some. It is still a lucrative way where people make money by locking content, and it is a way to get cash for premium content. Here is a list of the best content locker ad networks to help you earn better. 

Benefits of Content Locker Ad Networks

Here are some benefits that content locking can get you:

  1. Better revenue: Content locking works on the Cost Per Action model; with this, a given amount of profit goes to the publishers when a specific action is performed. This is a very high-paying model that gives you higher revenues.
  2. Email Subscription: You can use content locking to increase email subscribers and ask the audience to enter email addresses and join your newsletter for your premium content. It helps grow your subscriber base and also increases authority.
  3. Share content: You can use this to ask your users to follow, share, and like your post on social media if you give access to your locked content. 
  4. Charge money for content: You can charge your audience to watch your content via the locking option. You can ask visitors to pay via their content. However, you should use this option only if you have content of high quality and are worth spending money on.
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7 Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers: 2022

Here is a list of the best content locker ad networks for publishers that you can join now:

1. Mylead Global: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers

mylead global

On MyLead, you can generate four types of Content Lockers. They all work on mobile devices and are easy to install. With a CPA content locker, you can block access to elements of your website and earn money. With Captcha Locker, you can verify users and generate profit. With File Locker, you can block access to files and gain. With Mobile Rewards, you can earn.

2. Adwork Media: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


This is one of the most flexible content-locking tools that help you increase your earnings from your premium content. Their Content Lockers can easily integrate into apps, websites, blogs, games, and more. Their mobile content locker automatically displays when a mobile device is detected. Offers are targeted to the user’s device and country to maximize performance. AdWork Media’s Content Locking technology is a proven solution for monetizing nearly all web content and traffic types.

3. CPAGrip: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


CPAGrip’s customizable content lockers can be integrated virtually anywhere your visitors go and will work to earn you money. CPAGrip’s Content locker is an outstanding solution for monetizing web content. A simple javascript snippet loads a popup that allows users access to your site’s content when users complete it. The content unlocker will take over the page and require the user to complete a download, email submit, pin submit, or other offer types to continue. You make money when users complete a simple and easy offer.

4. OgAds: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


OgAds is one of the best content-locking networks and helps you easily monetize your blog, app, or social media account with its profit-generating content locker. OGAds has the top-performing content locker and offers due to our advertiser connections. No other content-locking network can produce the profits its locker generates. They give you all the tools and data to make smarter decisions when it comes to content locking. Take your earnings to the next level with OGAds’ premium offers and support.

5. CPABuild: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


With CPABuilt, you can start growing your business. They connect you with the highest-paying advertisers to their community-driver publisher resources. With their advanced landing page and content locker-building technology, you can start monetizing your content within minutes with zero coding knowledge. With their load-balanced servers combined with a custom, lightweight platform, you can ensure maximum uptime and performance. You have more than 2,000 ready-made landing page designs spanning hundreds of different niches.

6. Adludum: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


Adludum provides new ways of thinking when it comes to traffic monetization, pushing the potential of CPA Marketing to a higher level. No matter what your profession is, whether you’re an affiliate/publisher already familiar with CPA Marketing and Content Locking or looking to find a new way to monetize your traffic/audience, they have got you covered from all angles.

7. CPALead: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs. Since 2007, CPAlead.com has paid out over $100,000,000 to publishers. With advanced custom tracking and evolved traffic quality measures, we can provide unrivaled lead generation offers, PPC advertising traffic, and CPI mobile app installs to advertisers and publishers alike.CPALead provided affiliates with an overlay that presented ads to website visitors. To continue to the content-locked portion of the page, the user must complete a survey – which remains the general concept behind content locking today. 

8. AdgateMedia: Best Content Locker Ad Networks for Publishers


AdGateMedia helps you grow and monetize your creation and connects you to digital advertisers with users of popular apps and websites. It enables you to acquire new users or earn more revenue from your existing user base. Their offer of wall and video ad units allows you to reward users and increase user engagement.

The Bottom Line

One of the most popular ways to make money from traffic is via content locking. It is an excellent way to make money from good content and traffic in this era. Follow our list of the best content locker ad networks.

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